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Proceeds from 2016 earthquake campaign figures made official


MotoGP™ today confirms that a total of 12.156,69 euros were donated to the Cruz Roja Española, who in turn will transfer the donation to Italy’s Croce Rossa, as a result of the MotoGP™ community’s fundraising efforts, in support of the victims of the horrifying earthquakes in central Italy last August.



The devastating natural disaster that tore central Italy apart in 2016, not only affected the victims and those affected but also the entire MotoGP™ community who have racing and family roots in the country. MotoGP™ began a campaign in Silverstone ahead of the British GP, to encourage the sale of charity t-shirts with all proceeds being donated to the Red Cross in Italy, to help victims rebuild their homes and lives.

Riders and their teams, organisers, sponsors and fans bought t-shirts to support the cause. Today, Dorna can officially announce that the 12.156,69 euros was received by the Cruz Roja Española, with the full amount set to be received by the Italy’s Croce Rossa in the coming days.


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