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17/03/2015. Moto3 MAPFRE team Mahindra presentation at Jerez


‘Painting the bikes red’ – Spanish team count for the ninth successive season on the support of multi-national insurers MAPFRE


MAPFRE Team Mahindra unveil 2015 colours at Jerez, the Spanish capital of motorcycle racing
MAPFRE Team Mahindra unveil 2015 colours at Jerez, the Spanish capital of motorcycle racing

With just a few days remaining until the start of the 2015 MotoGP World Championship, the MAPFRE Team Mahindra has made the trip to Jerez for the final test session of preseason. At nine o’clock this morning under the famous ‘flying saucer’ building on the main straight of the iconic Spanish circuit, the first official photo was taken of the three riders who will defend the MAPFRE Team Mahindra colours this season. Juanfran Guevara, Jorge Martín and Pecco Bagnaia will represent the Spanish team this season, three riders who have worked hard throughout the winter to be ready for the new campaign. All three have been fighting at the sharp end of the Moto3 field during testing so far and they are determined to continue their good form into the Moto3 World Championship.

The photo opportunity was also the first chance to see the MAPFRE Team Mahindra colours for the 2015 season. Alongside the three riders were Jorge Martínez ‘Aspar’ and his team staff, representatives of Mahindra, including his CEO Mufaddal Choonia and of the team’s main sponsor MAPFRE. Representing the multi-national insurer were Andrés Alonso – General Deputy Director of Marketing, Luis Ángel Schweizer – General Territorial Director in the Southeast, Luis Macarro – Territorial Director Cádiz/Huelva and Francisco Garrido – Head of Sponsorship, MAPFRE Spain. Once again through their priceless backing MAPFRE have shown their absolute and unconditional support of the Valencian team, as their relationship approaches a decade.


Jorge Martínez ‘Aspar’:

“We are ready to start the 2015 season, feeling excited and very happy because this is a new and completely different project for Moto3. Our agreement with Mahindra means that we will become a factory team. We have done a great job together over the past few months and the bike has evolved a lot. I hope our riders continue to produce the excellent form they have shown in preseason so that we can start the new campaign fighting at the front. We are very excited by this new project and I would like to thank MAPFRE, Mahindra, MRW and all ours sponsors for their efforts, because without them this new project would not be possible. I hope that 2015 can be a season full of success.”


Andrés Alonso, General Deputy Director of Marketing – MAPFRE Spain:

“MAPFRE has been supporting motorcycle racing for nine years now and this reaffirms the company’s commitment to the sport and to the values of effort, professionalism and teamwork. We are confident that this season the MAPFRE Team will be competing for as many podiums and wins as possible, as befits our spirit as leaders. We are an international insurance company present in 49 countries and we want the MAPFRE name to been seen at circuits all over the world alongside great riders like Juanfran Guevara, back with the Moto3 team for the second season, Madrid’s Jorge Martín and the Italian Pecco Bagnaia, youngsters with experience in this category and more than enough talent to succeed in a sport that continues to grow in popularity around the world. We are also aware that there is no such thing as improvement without innovation and for this reason we have confidence in the new technology brought by Mahindra. We will be watching every race as the new season unfolds, with the same expectation and desire as always for the team to achieve success.”


Juanfran Guevara:

“Last year I developed a lot as a rider as part of MAPFRE Team Mahindra and we have continued to grow during this preseason. The team have given me a lot of support and thanks to this I have been able to make rapid progress. In 2014 we achieved our objectives and more, so now is the time to set ourselves higher targets. I think we have done a great job during preseason, we have an almost perfect set-up and we are ready to start the season. My objective is to run consistently at the front. This is an important day for us all, with the confirmation that MAPFRE will continue with us. The support of a big company like MAPFRE is fundamental for us to continue growing.”


Jorge Martín:

“Everything is going really well and I feel really comfortable with the team. I thought it might take a little longer to adapt but the team and Mahindra are doing an incredible job and it has made everything so much easier. I also have to thank MAPFRE for the huge contribution they are making and for staying with us another season. We are at the start of a very promising new project and if we keep working like we have been then we can achieve good results. We are in a good position but this is only the start. It is hard to reach a high level but to stay there is even harder. We have to keep working but I feel well supported by the team and after all the work we have done in preseason I think we have a good base and are ready to go racing.”


Pecco Bagnaia:

“Ever since the first test at Valencia we have been doing a good job. We found a good base there for the bike in the wet and then at Jerez we were able to complete a lot of laps in normal conditions and find a good base setting for the dry. We have reached a high level during preseason and we are ready to start the season in Qatar. Thanks to the work done by everybody at the Mahindra factory we are at a competitive level and I am looking forward to starting the season. My objective is to run with the front pack and set a good pace. I am excited to work with such a big company like MAPFRE and red is my favourite colour so that’s perfect!”


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